We have carefully chosen the finest sound equipment around. This gear is available to rent as comprehensive packages or as individual items. Sound gear that is ready to shoot will ensure quick set-ups and the best recording possible for your project.

EFP Audio/Music/Location Recording Equipment List

Digital Recorders, Mixers & Preamps

  • 1 Sound Devices 702T high resolution file-based 2-channel portable recorder with timecode.
  • 1 Sound Devices 788T high resolution file-based 8-input 10 channel portable recorder mixer.
  • Sony timecode and non-timecode DAT recorders
  • 1 Tascam DA-88 8 track recorder with timecode
  • 1 Tascam HD-P2 portable stereo audio recorer with timecode.
  • 1 Zoom H4-N portable recorder
  • 2 Sound Devices 442-4 channel field mixers, 4 transformered/ transformerless outputs.
  • 2 Sound Devices MP-1 boom mic preamps
  • 1 Mackie 1642- VLZ PRO 16-channel mixer with XDR premium mic preamps
  • Allen and Heath 12 input mixer, in studio songwriting/jam
  • 1 portable Pro Tools LE rig -16 input, 48 track system with 24-channel transformer split, mic preamps by Langevin, GML, TLA, SM, Presonus, Focusrite and others all on a i7 Macbook Pro or iMac.

Shotgun Mics

  • 2 Sanken CS-1 “short shotgun” mics
  • 1 Sanken CS-3 “long throw shotgun” mic
  • 1 Neumann KMR-81 “short shotgun” mic
  • 1 Neumann KMR-81 shotgun mic, beautiful.
  • 1 Audio-Technica AT815b “long throw shotgun” mic

Shotgun Mic Accessories

  • DPA windpack for boom mic (110km/hr wind protection, no colouration of sound), fur for lavs
  • 1 Rycote boom mic wind jammer system

Lav Mics

  • 8 Sanken COS11 lav mics
  • 8 Sennheiser ME II lav mics

Condenser Mics

  • 2 Neumann KM184 cardiod mics
  • 2 Neumann KMS105 SM57 hand held super cardiod condenser mics
  • 2 Audio-Technica 4041 cardiod mics

Stereo & Surround Mics

  • 1 Holophone H-4 5.1 surround mic with built-in Dolby encoder, high wind/rain protection
  • 2 Audio-Technica AT825 stereo mics with pistol grip
  • 4-channel mic arrangement with pistol grip for stereo and stereo surround recording

Boundary Layer Mics

  • 2 Sanken CUB1 boundary layer mics

Dynamic Mics

  • Shure SM58 and SM57 hand held dynamic mics, new!

Wireless systems and Camera Snakes

  • 10 channels wireless transceivers, 4 Lectrosonics SMDA digital hybrid, 6 Sennheiser EW100G2
  • 2-channel wireless to camera package by Lectrosonics (with a variety of camera mounts)
  • 4 “quick connect” camera snakes and extensions, more camera feeds possible


  • 4 pairs Sennheiser 280 reference headphones
  • 2 pairs Sony reference headphones
  • 2 pairs Grado reference headphones
  • 2 pairs Shure customizable ear buds


  • 6 Lithium ion NP1 batteries and chargers with distribution splitter – no waiting, no alkaline batteries!