Direct to camera and/or multitrack location sound recording

We offer high quality location sound recording serving independent drama, documentary, lifestyle and reality television producers. Comedy Web series are among our favourite projects!

  • Location sound recording and boom operation for all forms of visual media, from interview shoots, documentaries, including nature docs to multi-character reality shows, indie drama shoots and live music performance
  • Surround sound recording Via Holophone and muti-microphone arrays.
  • Multitrack location, multi-microphone recording of theatrical and musical performances.
  • Top quality, flight ready gear. 3 similar doc/efp kits, We are ready to go, to travel or run and gun.
  • Sound Devices recorders, mixers, Sanken shotguns, boundary mics and lavs, matched pairs of Neumann mics, Holophone H4 mini (built in surround encoder), multicolored Sanken lavs, Lectrosonics and Sennheiser transceivers.